Checkboxes in Interactive Reports – Passing them via AJAX – Oracle APEX


Having multiple details for a master table on a single page is pain. Imagine if each of those details each has another detail or two. It’s a chain of never ending suffering. Especially when you’re doing it all on a single page and all the interactivity is done via simple Interactive Reports and popup Forms. A problem that usually arises is that when you want to delete/update multiple rows in an interactive report and use checkboxes for selecting those rows, once the page is submitted you lose control of which rows you had selected. This can all be implemented using Branches and Page Load Dynamic Actions, but why go through all the hassle?

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Timers in Oracle APEX – Retro Style!

Retro Clock

I’m back with another plugin. A customer of mine had a requirement to show a classy timer on a form so that the people filling in the forms knew how much time they had been spending filling in the super long form. I initially did it precisely for that case, but they liked it too much and wanted ┬áthe timers on a whole lot of pages. That’s what pushed me to turn it into a simple plugin so that our other developers with less knowledge of JavaScript/jQuery could benefit from it too.

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Notifications Done Right – ApexNoti – Oracle APEX Browser Notifications

ApexNoti Notifications

Ever wanted to have proper looking “browser” notifications? Well this plugin might help you out. You might have seen these notifications before when something goes wrong with a certain browser extension (e.g. it crashes). Or sometimes when a new extension is added.

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